List of Universities in Libya

Libya has many universities and institutes for higher education. These institutes provides under graduate and graduate programs and conducts research work in various domains, humanities, sciences, applied sciences, mathematics etc. Both national and international aids are offered for betterment of higher education in Libya. Following is a list of Universities and Institutes of Higher Education in Libya
  • Academy of Postgraduate Studies Eastern Province Benghazi
  • Africa University for Human and Applied Science Tripoli City
  • Al Asmarya University of Islamic Sciences
  • Al Hadra University
  • Al Jafara University
  • Al Zawiya University (Seventh of April University)
  • Alassema Private University
  • American University of Lybia
  • Attahadi University
  • Azzaytuna University
  • Benghazi Private University
  • College of Computer Techniques Tripoli
  • College of Computer Technology Zawiya
  • College of Electrical and Electronic Technology Benghazi
  • College of Electronic Technology Tripoli
  • College of Electronic Technology-Bani Walid
  • College of Engineering Technology Janzour
  • College of Industrial Technology Masrath
  • Faculty of Dentistry Khalij
  • Libyan Academy for Postgraduate Studies
  • Libyan Institute for Advanced Studies
  • Libyan International Medical University
  • Mediterranean International University
  • Misurata University (Misrata University)
  • Modern Benghazi University
  • Nalut University
  • Omar Al Mukhtar University
  • Open University of Benghazi
  • Petroleum Training and Qualifying Institute
  • Sabratha University
  • Sebha University /Sabha University
  • Sirte University (Al Tahadi University)
  • The Islamic University of Asaied Mohamed Bin Ali Al Sanussi
  • Tobruk University
  • University of Ajdabiya
  • University of Benghazi (University of Garyounis)
  • University of Elmergib
  • University of Gharyan
  • University of Tripoli (Al Fateh University)
  • University of Tripoli Alahlia for Humanities and Applied Sciences
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